Rose-Marie Nathan

Partner | Senior Sourcing Specialist

Rosey joins Customise Talent with an extensive national network and a wealth of sales, commercial and management knowledge across a variety of industries. She absolutely understands how important it is for organisations to select top human talent with the right fit to deliver for your specific business needs

As CCO of Her Career, Chartered Manager, and Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Rosey enthusiastically supports businesses and leadership toward strategy execution. In her work mentoring entry and mid-level professional women, she is also passionate about growing diversity across business leadership pipelines.

The above combines into Rosey being able to offer a considered, and personalised, selection for Executive, Sales, Marketing, Technical and Finance appointments

“Recruitment is the action of finding new people to join an organization or support a cause. Although I’m new to recruitment, I have over 20 years of successful sales, management, project and implementation experience in my career pivots. I have worked with organisations of all sizes across a variety of industries. I look forward to connecting, inspiring, advocating and showing you why I am the perfect trusted recruitment partner, without the BS, and with my whole human, imperfect, realness”

Reach out to Rosey, she’d love to understand how she can help with your recruitment needs

Take a listen to the “Rosey On Recruitment” podcast. You’ll learn about recruitment, career experiences, role opportunities, featured candidates and Rosey’s learning. She has guests ranging from experienced professionals, recruiters, managers, and advocates, through to those just starting out and ambitiously in their climb

Rosey had been nothing short of amazing in the process! She was very supportive and very timely with feedback and/ or updates.

Julia Dutt | People and Performance Business Partner

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